In Defense of Federalism

While I do love bickering on twitter with the usual suspects, the devolution into incoherent and scrambled threads which fail to follow any sort of linear rational conversation has rotted my brain enough over the years that I eventually thought it healthier to express my views in more than 280 characters. And so: this blog […]

In Defense of Good Journalism

The State of Play Not so long ago, many were sounding alarm bells about the future of journalism. Sales in newsprint were down, and the proliferation of social media and alternative news sites on the internet spelled trouble for the industry. Something had to change. In order to survive, news organizations had to evolve and […]

The Glass Castle

Published recently is an article out of the New Republic by Osita Nwanevu, titled “The Willful Blindness of Reactionary Liberalism,” which on its own was enough to catch my eye. While much of the article is inoffensive scattershot, I thought that a decent amount of critical analysis was lacking, and by the end I was […]

No, Georgism is Still Sane

This is a response to another Blog, titled “Georgism is Insane“ I have full screenshots of the post I’ll provide at the end for posterity, but for the most part, this post is merely to archive a reply I gave to the post. It appears the author of the original blog deleted my reply, as […]

Georgism/LVT FAQ

What the hell is this? This post will be updated intermittently, as a sort of reference pad for the usual questions I get regards Georgism, geoism, the Land Value Tax, and other related items. What is Georgism? Georgism is a 19th century political ideology espoused by Henry George, most clearly defined in his pinnacle work Progress […]

The Center Cannot Hold

I began writing this a few weeks ago, after several long conversations with friends which I will be keeping private for the time being. It’s in the face of a new controversy rising through social media, and this one happened to coincide with a deeper fear of mine. A fear, or rather a suspicion, that […]

Candidates Tournament 2020

Guide Round links: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Round 10, Round 11, Round 12, Round 13, Round 14 Most of this blog will be self-explanatory, the individual round links (“Round 6, Round 7”) jump to the round, the “round links” link brings […]

Something Rigged This Way Comes

I should begin this post with a warning against the generalizations we’re all too prone to nowadays. Voter suppression is an issue to be taken seriously, as are the hundreds of voting precincts closing around the country. However, many activists can latch onto an issue, and spread disinformation in order to help a narrative. This […]

The OSINT Blackout

We’re living in an age of dying journalism. At least, that’s what I’ve heard incessantly repeated by thousands of people online, everyday, for the last few years. Our media landscape today is definitely shifting; the mainstream papers are now expert opinions, but not necessarily daily reading. For the younger generations, our feed on social media […]